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We believe that a powerful beginning leads to a lifetime love of learning, empowering children in their future endeavors. By implementing the Whole Child Educational Approach in a stimulating environment, every child will develop in the set of seven skills: early literacy, logical thinking, problem solving, social understanding, physical coordination, creativity, and positive character building. By nurturing all these areas of your child's development it will lead your child to become a lifelong learner with strong intellectual curiosity. Every child will develop positive character traits such as teamwork, citizenship, kindness, and respect to produce a productive member of society.

Everyone at St. Andrew's Preschool and Child Care Center is committed to:

°   Providing a safe, nurturing, respectful and stimulating environment that promotes the overall growth of every child.

°  Provide a fun and challenging work environment  that allows children to learn about teamwork, problem solving, and encourages intellectual and physical growth.

°  Develop lifelong relationships with children and families that will enhance the quality of every child's learning environment.