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St. Andrew's Preschool is very well known for the individual attention offered to every child who enters the program. Every child is offered an individualized experience through a curriculum that meets their specific developmental needs. We offer an appropriate student to teacher ratio in a positive and stimulating environment. All children and families are treated with the outmost respect and accepted for the individuals they are.  

The Whole Child educational approach is used by all staff members. This approach allows for every child to be offered the opportunity to grow in the seven set skills: Early Literacy, Logical Thinking, Problem Solving, Social Understanding, Physical Coordination, Creativity, and Positive Character Building.  By nurturing all these areas, through child and teacher oriented activities, every child will become a lifelong learner with strong intellectual curiosity. We are a bilingual program emphasizing in the Spanish and English languages, with the main goal of everychild being able to speak and understand both languages fluently.  As well as developing positive character traits such as teamwork, citizenship, kindness, and respect. Most importantly a positive self image and a love for learning.

Every child's strengths and weaknesses are identified by our staff in order to help each individual child to challenge and enhance their strengths. As well as to help them improve the areas which require some growth. By offering children a structured and well balanced curriculum which is both child-oriented and teacher-oriented, children are able to express their creativity and curiosity.

St. Andrew's Preschool offers a highly qualified staff. Two of our staff members hold an Associates Degree; child development Associate (CDA), one has a child Development Associate (CDA) and the other two are enrolled in an educational institution to obtain their child Development Associate (CDA)

The Staff also continues to grow  professionally by enrolling in higher education courses and attending workshops and conferences that keep them current with all educational standards and teaching techniques. All staff is CPR and First Aid Certified. You can always count on a warm, respectful and inviting smile welcoming children and family everyday. Most importantly all staff members share a passion for teaching and are committed to provide each individual child the best education.

                              CLAUDIA JIMENEZ

                   LEAD TEACHER RED ROOM

                                           GLORIA VERDUGO


                                                GABRIELA PICOS                                              
                                         LEAD TEACHER BLUE ROOM


                                     IRENE BONETT