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St. Andrew's Preschool & Child Care Center was established in 1997 by members of St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Nogales, Arizona, as a non-profit 501(c)3, private educational facility. The main goal for this group of people was to provide children a high quality preschool that would enhance the future academic success for those who attended. We offer a bilingual program to both English and Spanish speakers with the main goal for all children to speak English by the time they enter kindergarten. In addition an emphasize is placed on teaching the recognition of letters and numbers, pre-reading and writing skills, and social and self-help skills. These goals are accomplished through the efforts and hard work of a highly trained and educated caring staff.

The preschool is housed in the former church rectory which has been completely renovated into a welcoming child friendly facility, which meets the Arizona Department of Health Services Licensing requirements. Children are offered a wide variety of educational activities both indoors and outdoors. All activities are well balanced between teacher-oriented and child-oriented activities.

The center is licensed by  the  Arizona Department of Health Services for a capacity of 37 children. A teacher to student ratio of 1 teacher to 8 children enhances the success rate of education. We also work with the Department of Economic Security (DES) to provide services for qualifying families. In addition St. Andrew's Preschool is the only private preschool in Santa Cruz County that is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children as well as a four star rating from Quality First.

A non-denominational chapel is held once a week that is taught by an ordained priest. Children participate by singing, dancing, acting acolytes and praying. Chapel is utilized to teach children Biblical stories which help instill positive values for everyday life.