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At St. Andrew's we believe in fostering a child's curiosity and sense of wonder about the world around them by offering an environment filled with exploration, creativity, guidance and freedom to learn. Children have access to a wide variety of teacher oriented and child oriented activities that will allow the child to discover their special talents, feel respected and valued for who they are, promote responsibility, and develop self-help skills, a positive self-image, critical thinking and problem solving. Most importantly they will learn the necessary tools for successful academic career.

Our program takes advantage of the natural sense of curiosity during this age group by providing activities that will enhance their intellectual and physical growth. The staff prepares developmentally appropriate activities where children participate in hands-on activities, learning games, and pretend playing. Children will participate in activities that develop the child as a whole.

° Motor Skill Development - hands-on activities, outdoor play, running, catching.

° Cognitive Development - puzzles, games, recognizing colors and shapes

° Language Development - storytelling, reading, and vocabulary

° Artistic Development - art projects, construction projects, dramatic play

The days for preschoolers at St. Andrew's are filled with activities that promote social, verbal, cognitive and physical skills. Children will learn pre-writing skills such as identifying the first letter of their name, followed by identifying their first name, and finally learning to write their name. Large and small group activities will be planned so that every child can work on early literacy and math skills on a daily basis. Developmentally appropriate activities will enhance a child's growth .

° Motor Skill Development - outdoor games, dancing, climbing, riding tricycles

° Language Development - recognizing and forming letters and name of objects, story time, expressing one's feelings

° Imaginative Development - arts and crafts, dramatic play, storytelling

° Social Development -  sharing, respecting each other, cooperation, small and large group activities, problem solving

In this age group the main goal is to prepare every child to enter kindergarten with the necessary tools to succeed. Developmentally Appropriate Activities are prepared by staff to develop the critical thinking and problem solving skills. Children will engage in small and large group activities that will focus on math, science, reading, writing and language development. This environment challenges each individual to learn and grow. Children are introduced to letters and phonetics through a fun and innovative learning program named Letterland.

° Kindergarten preparation - letters, letter phonetics, writing skills, reading words, early science, recognizing numbers, and early math skills (simple adding and subtracting)

° Imaginative Development - arts and crafts, storytelling, dramatic play

°Social Development - interaction, respecting, cooperating, helping others, problem solving, vocalizing feelings

°Physical Development - indoor and outdoor activities, competitive games, dancing

Children attending the after school program are provided a fun environment where they can socialize and learn in a safe environment. A combination of recreational and educational activities are provided after they have finished their homework. The staff will provide guidance and tutoring in specific subject ares where a child might be having difficulties. We offer convenient hours everyday, and services are provided during fall, winter, and spring breaks, as well as during the month of June. Half days, full days, and hourly child care are available.