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St. Andrew's Preschool staff is committed to working with and communicating openly with parents.  We respect what it takes to be a good parent and know that it is not easy.  By working together we can help foster the educational support your child needs to have a great start in school.

We believe in frequent and open communication so that you are aware of your child's progress.  We maintain an open door policy so that you may visit the facilities at any time during our business hours.  We also encourage you to speak to the staff openly and to voice any concern you may have. 

Yearly parent/teacher conferences are held to review your child's overall growth, but conferences may be scheduled at any time throughout the school year upon request. 

In addition, monthly newsletters are distributed at the beginning of every month to keep you aware of on all upcoming events. 

You may also visit this website at any time to see the calendars, newsletters and other information.